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Add a Forward Delete key to your MacBook's keyboard.

PowerKey is a small app that remaps the Power Key on your Apple MacBook's keyboard to Forward Delete or a variety of other functions.

Unfortunately, the Apple keyboard on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air doesn't have a Forward Delete key 😫

The Forward Delete key is extremely convenient, and you're probably already used to tapping it frequently it when writing or coding. 

Use PowerKey to restore useful functionality to your keyboard!

Set the Power Key to input Forward Delete, or select one of the other options:  

 - Delete to the right of your cursor! 😍

 - Run a custom Script or Apple Script 🤓

 - Do Nothing 💩

 - Page Up ⬆️ or Page Down ⬇️

 - Home 🏡, End 🔚

 - Etc.

After purchasing you will receive a zip file containing PowerKey.app. Double click the zip file to expose the app file. Drag this app into your Applications folder and launch it. 

You can test PowerKey's replacement options right in the window. When you're ready to get to work, simply press "Run in the Background" to enable the Power Key replacement in all apps on your system.

PowerKey runs in the background whenever you're using your computer. Open the app to toggle options or select a new Power Key replacement.

I hope PowerKey is useful to you! If you have any issues using the app, or any suggestions, please visit our FAQ:


You can also get in touch via GitHub:



Gumroad cover photo by Kārlis Dambrāns:

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11 ratings
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